Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Tenison Park Business Suffers Water Damage

This Dallas local business went through a flooded office and kitchen area. The rain that came by caused roof damage and water began leaking in. High inches of r... READ MORE

Water Damages Structures in Multi Unit Complex

This flooded first floor foyer in a condo within a multi unit complex was the result of a toilet supply line that broke in a second story bathroom. More than o... READ MORE

Toilet Leak Affects Multiple Units in a Complex

Water Damage Goes Beyond the Source When there is a leak or overflowing faucet in a second floor bathroom, the water damage can go well beyond that bathroom. T... READ MORE

Clean up after fire in school

A small electrical fire caused extensive damage in a large school in Dallas, TX. This is one of the many before pictures showing how smoke and soot can travel ... READ MORE

Wet Carpet in a Hospital Office Building

A hot water heater burst in the attic of a hospital office building in Dallas, TX. In the first picture the carpet is completely saturated. We were called in ... READ MORE

Forklift Flood...

A local warehouse was back to being fully operational within a matter of hours after a forklift inadvertently struck the fire suppression system, and flooded th... READ MORE

Zero Business Interruption

This clothing retailer experienced a water loss in Dallas, TX as a result of a broken pipe. Notice in the picture on the left, the extent of the water damage; t... READ MORE