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Water Removal Equipment

We Are Here To Help When It Comes To Restoration

From floods to flames, we handle it all at SERVPRO of Balch Springs! Our team is busy restoring homes, and we've got a few jokes to lighten the mood:

  1. Why did the water restoration expert bring a ladder? Because the job was going to be on another level!
  2. How do water restoration specialists stay dry? They always find the silver 'lining'!
  3. Why did the fire damage expert become a comedian? Because they knew how to heat up the room with laughter!

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Smoke Damage Ceiling

Soot Damage From Smoke Lingers in Home

Erasing the Past: Our advanced techniques and dedicated team work tirelessly to remove smoke damage from walls, bringing your space back to its original brilliance. Witness the power of expert restoration!

Hole in Ceiling

Drying A Ceiling: Trust Us

From Drips to Dazzle: Our expert team tackles water-damaged ceilings with precision and care, restoring beauty and safety to your space. See the difference professional restoration makes!

East Dallas Home

Drying Hardwood Floors Never Looked So Easy

Reviving Every Surface: Our specialized drying equipment works meticulously to restore water-damaged floors, ensuring a swift and thorough recovery. Witness the transformation from damp to dazzling!

Bathroom Break

Sorry! Someone is in Here!

From drips to downpours, we've got Dallas covered. ???? Let SERVPRO of East Dallas handle the mess while you focus on getting back to normal. #WaterDamageHeroes #DallasStrong

Drying Equipment

Drying Trim & Floors

This M street home suffered a water heater leak emergency, this led to all of the floors being completely covered with standing water. In Dallas this is a normal occurrence because of the spring showers we usually get in the Spring. 

Long Hallway in Progress

Long Hallway Suffers Moldy Water Damage

Water damage in a hallway can wreak havoc on both the structure and aesthetics of your home. Whether it's from a burst pipe, leaking roof, or flooding, addressing water damage promptly is crucial to prevent further deterioration and mold growth. In our comprehensive summary, we delve into the common causes of hallway water damage and the potential consequences if left unchecked. From warped floorboards to stained walls, we outline the visible signs of water damage and offer practical tips for mitigation and restoration. With insights into preventive measures and professional restoration techniques, our summary equips homeowners with the knowledge needed to effectively combat water damage in their hallways and safeguard the integrity of their living spaces.

East Dallas Church

Local East Dallas Church Falls Victim to a Flooding Damage

In the aftermath of a flood, the daunting task of cleaning up can feel overwhelming. However, amidst the chaos lies an opportunity for resilience and renewal. In our latest blog post, we delve into the essential steps and strategies for effectively tackling flood damage cleanup. From prioritizing safety measures to employing efficient cleaning techniques, we guide you through the process of restoring your home or property to its former state. Discover invaluable tips, expert advice, and firsthand accounts of overcoming adversity as we explore the journey from devastation to restoration. Join us as we navigate the challenges of cleaning flooding damage and emerge stronger on the other side.

Dallas Storm Alert

Wet Weather Coming in This Weekend! Let's prepare!

We're on a storm watch for this weekend! Knowing what to do and not to do is crucial if suffering through a storm damage emergency. SERVPRO of East Dallas has been trusted in hundreds of homes in Dallas to help and clean up any damaging water. Storms can bring chaos, and when that happens, SERVPRO of East Dallas is your first call! 

SERVPRO Equipment Working Hard Dallas Commercial Building

We are ready to get to work!

Once the equipment is installed, we allow time for them to do their jobs. Air movers move air throughout the air and allows to dry any moisture that may be invisible to the naked eye. We will update once the water is completely dried and we are able to finish the job and restore the building to its normal operations. We are located in Dallas and can service surrounding areas. 

Before the work in Dallas

Dallas Highrise Suffers Flood

SERVPRO of East Dallas was on site as soon as a Famous Highrise in Dallas suffered a burst pipe from the winter storm. Standing water is throughout multiple rooms! Trusted water damage restoration experts on site right now!

Fire Damage Church

Restoring a Church that Suffered Fire Damage

This local Dallas church suffered a fire due to a candle. The church staff were able to limit the fire to only a section of the church. SERVPRO was called and we arrived the same day! Give us a call today!

Water Drying Equipment

With This Equipment Installed. We are Ready To Rock!

SERVPRO of East Dallas was called to service a Dallas condo that suffered a water flood. We made sure to extract all standing water and after the water was removed. We installed our drying fans, this will make sure there is no longer any moisture that can be detected. We proudly service all of Dallas and East Dallas. Give us a call today!

Equipment Hard At Work

Water Damage Repair Looking Simple

We are ready to help all of Dallas when it comes to their water damage removal needs. SERVPRO is a call away if you happen to experience standing water in your building or work area. In this picture we installed a dehumidifier to start the moisture removal. 

Dallas Work Trucks

Always On The Go!

SERVPRO of East Dallas work vans can be seen driving around Dallas and East Dallas. If you ever see a BRIGHT GREEN van then that is most likely SERVPRO! We are able to provide same day water and fire damage cleaning services for all of Dallas and surrounding areas. 

Water Removal Equipment

Water Drying Equipment Ready To Work

SERVPRO of East Dallas was called out during this morning's rainy day. The heavy rain brought in water inside the office. Thankfully we were called before more damage could happen. We are always ready to help when it comes to any type of water damage. 

SERVPRO equipment at work

With Equipment Installed, Let the Drying Begin

Restoring tranquility amidst chaos - one whirl at a time. Air fans diligently work their magic, breathing life into spaces once drowned by water damage. Witnessing resilience in action is truly inspiring. ???? #RevivingSpaces #RenewalInProgress SERVPRO of East Dallas is here to help when it comes to water or fire damage repair services. 

Give us a call today!

Dallas Water Damage Cleanup Equipment

Look At Our Hard Working Equipment

During this recent winter storm we were called out to a local commercial building in Deep Ellum. This building has multiple offices and rooms that sadly got affected. We will post before and after pictures of these water damage cleanup. Give us a call today! 

Office Suffered Water Damage

East Dallas Office Suffers Water Damage

SERVPRO of East Dallas is here to help this local office building! They sadly suffered water damage and called us right away! We will update soon! 

SERVPRO Equipment At Work

Green Work Equipment

It can take one or a team of equipment to handle any situation. SERVPRO of East Dallas is your Dallas restoration company. 

Green Van

SERVPRO Green Trucks at Work

SERVPRO of East Dallas green vans hard at work. We were called out to a fire damage home. 

Prize item

SERVPRO Giveaway

SERVPRO provided prizes to a construction safety event. We built a special care package, equipped to handle all challenges.  

Marketing table

SERVPRO Marketing Table

Check out our marketing table! We had information about SERVPRO. 

Marketing event

SERVPRO of East Dallas Marketing Event

We hosted a fun marketing event last weekend in East Dallas.  We handed out cards & knowledge about Water remediation 

Air Mover Crawlspace

SERVPRO Equipment Hard at Work

SERVPRO of East Dallas has the necessary equipment that can handle any size disaster.

Give us a call for our Dallas remediation team to handle your water or fire damage.   

Green van

Show our Green Vans some love!

If you ever see SERVPRO of East Dallas out there make sure to say hi! We are always around East Dallas helping out our local community.  Water damage in east Dallas is no stranger to SERVPRO,  & you shouldn’t either! 

Dallas Home

Fire Damaged Houses Are Being Repaired

House fires can start from just a single spark of a candle. Unfortunately this candle got a hold of the curtain and a home fire began.  SERVPRO of East Dallas is on the job!  

Water Pipe

SERVPRO says: Don't Let A Burst Pipe Happen

Burst pipes

If a pipe bursts:

  • turn off the main stopcock
  • open all the cold taps to drain the system if the flow of water cannot be stopped
  • if the burst is on a pipe from the storage tank, turn off the stop valve in the storage tank, turn on all hot taps to drain the system, allow the fire to burn out or turn the heating off until the burst pipe has been attended to by a plumber

Apartment Flood

Deep Ellum Apartment Flooding

This highrise apartment was the victim of multiple pipe bursting. The water was 4 inches high and needed extracting right away. Thankfully our office is 5 minutes away so we were on site as soon as possible. 

Dallas Cold Weather

East Dallas First Freeze of 2023

We hope everyone is staying warm this week as temperatures stay low for the third day in a row. We hope if anyone experiences a pipe burst or any type of water damage that they call us right away! 

SERVPRO Green Trucks

SERVPRO of East Dallas Fleet

There are tons of remediation companies around Dallas. SERVPRO of East Dallas stands out by offering the most up to date equipment with certified chemicals. If you experience water or fire damage feel free to give us a call today!

House Fire

Number One Cause of House Fires

The number one cause for house fires is cooking! This leads majority of major house fires in the US. Cooking when done right is great, but one slight spark then snowball into something worse. 

Cleaning Sticker

SERVPRO Certified Clean

SERVPRO of East Dallas has certified cleaning products that can withstand any type of damage loss. Our technicians are available 24/7 and happy to help!

Equipment Installed

SERVPRO Equipment Working Hard

SERVPRO has the most up to date equipment allowing us to clean up disasters quicker! Give us a call today if you experience water damage in Dallas. 

Church in East Dallas

SERVPRO of East Dallas called out to a local church

SERVPRO was called out to a local church of ours after the deep freeze in Dallas. The freeze brought us 10 degree weather and it caused some havoc to some people's homes and businesses. SERVPRO was out the same day and ready to help!  

Apartment Hallway Flood

Local East Dallas Apartments Suffer Water Flooding

Heavy rain was brought into Dallas this year, causing record numbers. This overflow of water got into an apartment's interior. This meant work from SERVPRO of East Dallas was needed. We were on the job at the same day and ended up doing work for multiple units. 

Toy drive delivery

SERVPRO of East Dallas Gives Back

Several of our team members spent their Saturday delivering toys to the children's unit at Baylor Hospital.  We partnered with the Eddie and Brian's Way organization. 

Eddy and Brian's Way is a not profit organization that donates toys to children's units in hospitals and emergency rooms during the holiday season to bring cheer to patients.  

Thank you to all of our customers who generously donated so many toys and gifts. We love our community!

Picture of our team

The SERVPRO of East Dallas Team on the Job

Our team members have many individualized roles but we all come together to get the jobs done and take care of our East Dallas community.  

Photo of our vehicles in downtown Dallas

Commercial Flood in Downtown Dallas

We are ready and available to help our friends in Downtown Dallas when disaster strikes. 

Demo after water damage

From the Source of the Water Damage to Drying and Demo

Not all structures and surfaces require demo and reconstruction but the longer water sits, the more likely they will. Call us at the first sign of water damage and we will take care of you!

Drywall removal with uv light

Removing Wet Drywall After Water Damage Prevents Mold Growth

When water damage causes the walls and baseboards to become wet, it is imperative to get everything dried out before mold growth begins.  Sometimes, removing the wet drywall is necessary to completely rid the area of moisture, as in this case.  When mold takes over, the cost of remediation and restoration skyrockets.   

Collage showing before water damage photos on floors and after photos with our fans and equipment in place.

Laundry Room Sink Floods a House in East Dallas

A laundry room leak causes water damage throughout the ground level of an East Dallas home.  We provided emergency water mitigation services and were able to minimize damage. The customer has very thankful that she gave us a call. We arrived within the same day, and was able to save the hardwood floors. Be sure to call SERVPRO of Balch Springs whenever you run into a water emergency.   

Flooding in Texas

Water enters through front door during storm

Flash flooding caused water to rise quickly near a low lying home in Texas.  Water entered through the bottom of the front door and caused a house flood.  Our team help with the drying process and demolition in preparation for reconstruction. 

Storm Damages Roof

Storm Damage Causes Flooding

Due to high winds, a storm in Dallas, TX caused extensive roof and structure damage.  Rain poured into this building through the fractures which caused flooding.  SERVPRO of East Dallas was on the job shortly after the damage took place.  We extracted water and started the drying process immediately. 

Insulation vaccume

When Fire Causes Smoke Damage to Insulation, Let Us Remove It!

A garage fire in Dallas, TX caused more than just damage to the garage.  The attic space above the garage was damaged with soot and smoke odor.  Our team removed the hazardous insulation with our powerful equipment. 

Carpet Cleaning

Smoke Odor and Soot Removal From Rug

Don't throw your expensive rug away after a fire!  Let us take your contents to our warehouse and use our special chemicals and processes to remove smoke odor and soot damage.  

Warehouse Flood

When a business had a flood after hours, they knew to call SERVPRO of East Dallas.

A warehouse flooded over the weekend and our entire crew responded to the job.  This company was ecstatic at the quick response time and productivity that day and in the days that followed. 

Warehouse Flood

Warehouse Flood

This was the aftermath of a faulty plumbing pipe over the weekend in a warehouse in Dallas, TX.  SERVPRO of East Dallas was on the job within minutes of the call on a Saturday morning.  Water extraction was goal #1!

hot water heater

Hot Water Heater Causes Water Loss

This is the source of a flooded house in Dallas, TX.  When a hot water heater leaks or bursts, water can quickly spread throughout a house, especially if nobody is home, as in this situation.

Luckily, we were able to extract the water, dry surfaces and structures, and prepare for restoration where needed in all 4 rooms effected. 

Hydroxyl Generator

More Than Water Removal

This in an example of our cutting edge equipment that utilizes the latest technology to improve productivity.  This hydroxyl generator naturally cleans and deodorizes indoor environments by producing hydroxyl radicals using the same broad range of UV radiation as the sun.


Commercial Water Damage

A restaurant in east Dallas flooded due to city plumbing problems.  After water extraction, our experts strategically placed fans and dehumidifiers to decrease drying time and prevent moisture in the air.  

Water Extraction

Water Extraction Dallas

Water extraction is an important step in the drying process.  SERVPRO of East Dallas has high tech equipment and expertise to remove water from surfaces quickly prior to the next steps in the drying process.  

Fan placement

Water Mitigation Dallas

We are experts in the industry in water remediation.  SERVPRO of East Dallas has the latest technology to remove water and dry surfaces effectively. This is done by assessing the damage and strategically placing our equipment, as seen here. 

Storm Damage

Storm Damage in the Northwest

We take pride in our efficiency, creativity, and capacity to mitigate jobs with different complexities both locally and while away at storm.  We don't typically have snow run off in Texas but our team was able to tackle large loss structures while in the Northwest.  We love being a part of the SERVPRO national storm team. 


Prepared for Storm

When there are severe storms locally or across the country, we are prepared to get a crew together, load our equipment and technology in trucks and trailers, and start the drying and clean up process.  

flooded office

Flooded Doctor's Office

When an entire medical building floods over a weekend and we get the call, we get our team and equipment together and get to the job as soon as possible.  We know how importance it is to get spaces dry and back to functioning for any business.  

Content cleaning

Damaged Contents After Fire

SERVPRO of East Dallas can clean and deodorize contents after a fire.  For large pieces of furniture with extensive damage, we carefully remove it from the home and bring it to our warehouse.  We have the technology and processes to make your contents like new again. 

Soot on Carpet

Soot Damage

Not only do we extract water and dry flooring and structures, but we can also clean up after a fire.  Even the smallest fires can cause extensive soot damage, as seen in this photo.  We have advanced machines and processes to clean smoke and remove soot damage, making surfaces like new after a fire. 

smoke damage

Smoke Damage Throughout Air Vents

Even small fires can cause extensive smoke damage throughout air ducts and crawl spaces exposing the entire house to unclean air.  That was the case after a small kitchen fire in Dallas.  Our team was able to get into the crawl space and remove all of the soot and smoke damage. 

Apartment Flood

Multi Unit Water Damage

Our team is prepared and ready for your commercial and residential water, fire, mold, and storm damage needs.  We have the equipment and staff to get you back in business in no time. 

Water damage

Subfloor Drying

If water sits very long, the sub-flooring often becomes wet.  Once the surface floor is removed, it is imperative to dry the sub-floor completely before reconstruction or new floors are put in.  We have the tools and capabilities to determine when structures are completely free of moisture.  

Mold on Chair

Mold on Chair

This chair had been in a storage space that had faulty climate control.  Moisture and heat entered the space creating the perfect environment for mold growth.  We were able to clean and deodorize the contents to near perfect condition. 


Power for the Job

When a storm takes out the power while at the same time causes water damage, SERVPRO of East Dallas has a plan.  We can bring generators to power our equipment so there is no delay in the drying process. 

Storm damages school

Storm Damages a School in Dallas, TX

If you are dealing with storm, flood, or water damage from our ever changing Texas weather, the experienced team at SERVPRO of East Dallas is ready to respond. Since we are locally owned and operated, we have prepared for expected damage and are able to respond quickly, likely we did for this school. 

Servpro fans

We Are Fans of our Customers

We are water damage restoration specialists and are ready to restore your Dallas home back to pre-water damage condition. We quickly extract the water and then dry your property using state-of-the-art equipment like the fans shown here. Call us today if you have any water damage needs!

Ceiling Cavity

Cleanest Ceiling in Dallas

This was after SERVPRO of East Dallas extensively cleaned a smoke and soot damaged ceiling and cavity between floors caused by a fire.  The surfaces looked brand new after our team was finished.

Photo of Pack Out in Dallas Tx

Pack Out Dallas, TX

Our customer suffered large loss due to water damage from a house flood.  We were able to extract the water but the floors and cabinets had to be removed.  The sub-flooring was dried and we prepped the surfaces and floor for renovation.  SERVPRO of East Dallas is happy to provide pack out, storage, and move back services.  This pictures shows this customer's furniture carefully protected and loaded in our trailer.  The furniture will be stored in our climate controlled warehouse until renovation is complete. 

Here to Help!

At SERVPRO of East Dallas, we take pride in being part of the Dallas community, and we want to do our part in making it the best in can be. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

Commercial Storm Response

We have the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial storm or water damage emergencies. We strive to provide business owners the fastest response times and our best work every day. Learn more today:

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Due to the rapid advancements in technology used in the restoration industry, our professionals are able to quickly & effectively restore a property back to its original condition. Contact us today & see how we can help you!

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