Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

SERVPRO of East Dallas to Clean Up After Storm

Roof Damage Causes Water Damage Strong storms can cause wind damage to roofs and windows. If there are heavy rains, extensive flooding can take place. Water Re... READ MORE

Flood After Storm Ruins Kitchen Counters

Hurricane season hit the gulf of Mexico in late summer and as usual, Houston saw quite a bit of flooding and wind damage. SERVPRO of East Dallas was eager to r... READ MORE

Aftermath of Hurricane in Houston, TX

A hurricane off the coast of Texas caused extensive storms and flooding in and around the Houston area. SERVPRO of East Dallas was happy to have a crew to send... READ MORE

Storm floods houses in Houston, TX

Post hurricane storms caused extensive flooding throughout Houston, TX. SERVPRO of East Dallas was happy have a crew available to head down to help when the ne... READ MORE

Storm Damage Causes Ceiling Leak

Storms in Dallas, TX have caused extensive damage to roofs this year. This house house was hit by high winds and rain causing some damage to the shingles on th... READ MORE

Fallen Tree Through the Roof During High Winds

This house in Dallas, TX flooded as a result of damage from high winds during a storm. The winds caused a tree to fall through the roof. A team of professionals... READ MORE